Theme Parks

Increase your selling opportunities! Automate your gate and kiosk sales!

Future Ticketing has developed systems that are directly applicable to the theme and amusement parks. Utilising near field RFID and 1D/2D Barcoding technologies, Future Ticketing can provide a simple, cashless service for your customers from the gate, to the ride and to food kiosk, simplifying your cash collection and gate control proceedures.

From single session to full year VIP memberships, Future Ticketing is flexible and scalable, and can provide your organisation efficeny and cash flow gains over your busiest periods. Our systems are completely customised as we recognise that no two businesses are the same and no gaps are missed!

Access Control

Utilising our own secured wireless internet infrastructure our our clients, Future Ticketing’s scanning systems ensure the authenticity of the ticket (thermal/electronic) regardless of entry point. Future Ticketing systems have been integrated into turnstyle control gates using near field RFID and 1D/2D Barcode technology to allow automatic entry to rides by customers with audio and visual cues and no need for an attendant to be present.


Cashless Systems

Preselling goods and services is a goal of any business with large variable and unpredicable customer bases like theme parks. Future Ticketing systems can allow the owner to have advanced knowledge or attendees or food and beverage quantities by allowing the customer to pre-buy these products and link them to their account.

This provides the owner a tremendous advantage in terms of allocating staff and reducing the spoilage of perishable goods through accurate ordering. Cashless systems, through RFID and Barcode allow cash collection to be done at a central point rather than throughout the venue and reduces security and adminstration costs of handling cash.

Customer Retention

You’ve marketed well and got your customer to your park. The next season is far away but you want to keep your business in their minds! Future Ticketing integrates with some of the best CRM and e-Marketing tools on the web to ensure you keep your customers informed and you have all the tools and information about your customer to aid in your next campaign.

In our customised systems, Future Ticketing can provide login portals for your customers to ‘top up’ their accounts with cash to use at your venue (for use on entry, rides, merchanise or food) and provides real-time balance updates via the iPhone or web enabled device.

Customer Service

Managing ticket and park enquires can carry a huge overhead on your staff and phone lines. Future Ticketing systems can be deployed and use by your staff to manage these queries efficently and integrate their experience into a “knowledge bank” that the whole organisation can use to better manage the customer experience.

Private Label Branding

You’ve invested in your brand. Why give that up when it comes to ticketing? With Future Ticketing, our private-label solutions ensure that customers experience the same excitement when they buy tickets through your own website and when they pass through your turnstyle.

Unparallelled Integration

Why import and export data across multiple systems? With Future Ticketing, you’ll have a ticketing solution that integrates tightly with existing payment and marketing systems. With credit card, BPAY or PayPal or marketing systems like MailChimp, your ticketing system will be designed around the way your box office operates — not the other way around.

Precise Reporting

Your customers are at your park. What are they doing? With RFID, Barcode and WIFI technology (Developed by Motorola Solutions), every scan at dedicated points around your venue is logged and tracked back your customer. You can measure in real time, ride popularity, toilet breaks, meal quantities and times across the park and collect the valuable data to improve your park and the customer experience.