Looking to upgrade your existing services? Starting from scratch?

Future Ticketing has over 25 years experience in ticketing and IT consulting. We can assist your organisation with examining your current system and needs and ‘assess and address’ them to provide you a complete solution including areas such as network design, servers, WAN connections right through to your website.

Internet and Local Network Consultancy


Having a robust network backbone at your festival or park is just as important as the software and services that run within it. Making the right choices at the start will have huge consequences to your budget and to your operations in the future. Future Ticketing has the experience and the insight to see into the ‘Future’ of your requirements and plan your network from incoming internet connections (ADSL, NBN or 3G/4G) to your local LAN and servers and utilise what is available to ensure you get the best.

Server Configuration and Design


Within your organisation, your servers are your core instrument whether they are being used for POS, Ticketing, Access Control, Bookings or Time tracking. Future Ticketing utilises the best in server consolidation from VMware to ensure the most power efficient and redundant servers are chosen to meet the challenging demands of your business. We also configure our machines to be extremely robust with redundant power  and disk arrays to ensure near 100% uptime and get your business through the critical days on the season.

Customised Hardware Solutions

We are constantly keeping up with the latest technology has to offer. The last 20 years has been a renaissance in the supply of integrated components. Our team is not afraid the of the soldering iron and certainly not of coding and can prototype and build customer hardware and software for your requirements. Just ask!


Web Sites

Planning for your customer website is equally as important as infrastructure. We think of your website as not only as a place of driving customer to your business but also a place to GENERATE business with on-line presales of tickets and merchandise.

Future Ticketing involvement at an early stage of your new website or redevelopment of your existing one is paramount to ensure that your organisation can fulfill it’s promise to customers from the get go and ensure their initial experience with your brand is positive.

Big Day Out 2011 – Sale Night

"how good was this compared to previous years" - Pete

"Smoothest one yet." - Toastie

"Wow all tickets gone now....Must say two thumbs up to the BDO website.... Ticketmaster could learn a thing or two!" - kroix007

Sold out in 5 mins

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