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Reduce the admin in your next school performance!

Selling and distributing tickets to school performances can be nightmare for school administration staff. Cash collection from pupils, getting notes and tickets to and from home is arduous for both the parent, teacher and admin staff (not to mention the irate calls from parents missing out on tickets!)

Systems developed by Future Ticketing can be easily utilised by your school to take the hassle out of your next big event. Advertise your next sale on the school intranet or portal and through your newsletter and let your parents buy their tickets and have them delivered with ease.


Customer Service

We can handle all enquires on your behalf, mostly due to lost or misdirected tickets. Our staff can resend tickets to your customers and field general equiries about your event.

Financial Integration

With Future Tickets, you’ll have a ticketing solution that integrates tightly with existing payment and marketing systems. With credit card, BPAY or PayPal, Future Ticketing can work with your accounts and finance teams to ensure sale proceeds are proceeded using your existing merchant provider.

Access Control

For large events, Future Ticketing’s scanning systems (built around the Apple iPod touch) ensure the authenticity of the ticket (thermal/electronic) regardless of entry point. Even better, if your customer loses their thermal ticket, they can request an e-ticket version to be sent them, saving you and the customer headaches.

For smaller venues, Future Tickets has a smaller system that your staff can use the validate entry. And even better, if your customer looses their thermal ticket, they can request an e-ticket to be sent them saving you the headaches.

Big Day Out 2011 – Sale Night

"how good was this compared to previous years" - Pete

"Smoothest one yet." - Toastie

"Wow all tickets gone now....Must say two thumbs up to the BDO website.... Ticketmaster could learn a thing or two!" - kroix007

Sold out in 5 mins

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