Fund Raising

Ticketing. No just for concerts!

The success and security provided by Future Ticketing in e-tickets can now be extended to raffle ticketing. Give you customers instant notification of their tickets via email through a secure e-ticket and reap the benefit of saving time and money without the hassle of ticket books and cash collection.

Future Tickets e-raffle system can integrate into almost all Fund Raising websites. We can handle the cash collection or you can do it yourself. The outcome is great customer response and the easy management of your customers expectations

Private Label Branding


Trust is essential for fund raising. Potential raffle ticket purchasers or doners need to know when they’re making a purchase, they take comfort in knowing that the purchase is legitimate. The Rottnest Island Conservation Foundation seamlessly integrates their strong brand through our system to sell raffle tickets two years in a row.

With Future Tickets, our private-label solutions ensure that customers feel confident in buying their tickets and trust that they will get them.

Customer Service

Your organisation has limited resources. Non for Profits are staffed by volunteers who can’t devote the time to manage the customer’s expectations. Future Ticketing can field all customer enquires and in most cases deal with them on the spot. We can batch up critical enquires for you to respond in your own time.

Simple Integration

Our e-raffle system can very easily integrate in your establised shopping cart. Within a few hours and instruction from our technical staff, you’ll be able to sell raffle tickets in no time! Have a mix of physical and electronic tickets? No problems! Future Tickets can integrate both into our system so come time for the draw, our system can randomly draw a winner across both sets.

Constant Feedback

Have you done a flyer drop? Done some press ads? Keeping track of your sales with constant reporting through Future Tickets e-raffle module where you can view your collected orders, track sales and run reports.

Big Day Out 2011 – Sale Night

"how good was this compared to previous years" - Pete

"Smoothest one yet." - Toastie

"Wow all tickets gone now....Must say two thumbs up to the BDO website.... Ticketmaster could learn a thing or two!" - kroix007

Sold out in 5 mins

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