Empower your Box Office - Connect with Fans

Designed exclusively for Australian Music Festivals!

We understand, from the first annoucement to getting punters through the gate, the mission critical nature of your ticketing operation. Used by the biggest, multi city Australian festival, Future Ticketing has been battle-tested to ensure that come sale day, your box office is a winner.

From 20 tickets to 200,000, Future Ticketing is flexible and scalable, growing along with your organization. Providing a customised ticketing solution, we recognize that no box office is the same – there are no ‘off-the-shelf’ systems here.

Private Label Branding


You’ve invested in your brand. From the Big Day Out to the Apollo Bay Music Festival, punters recognise and support your identity. Why give that up when it comes to ticketing? With Future Ticketing, our private-label solutions ensure that customers feel the same vibe when they buy tickets that they feel at your festival.

Direct Cashflow

Use your valuable ticketing revenue when you need it – before the show! Future Ticketing systems work in conjuction with your bank or depending on size, your PayPal account to deposit funds directly into your account once sale has been made. You can begin to use your funds immediately for your event.

Intelligent Fulfillment

Selling the tickets is one thing – getting them to the punters is another! We’ve shipped over 500,000 registered articles through Australia Post and can confidently pick, pack and ship your thermal tickets when you need us to send them out. Want to sell a CD or T-Shirt with your tickets? No problems. We can ship these along with the tickets as required. E-Tickets can be dispatched within minutes of placing the order and are secured with the latest barcode algorithms and can be tailored to your exact needs.

Customer Service

You’ve got a festival to organise with artists and infrastructure to manage. Why complicate your busy day with ticketing enquires? Future Ticketing can field all enquires through our advanced, integrated helpdesk backed by a team that’s ‘seen it all before’ and can assist most customer equiries.

Unparallelled Integration

Why import and export data across multiple systems? With Future Ticketing, you’ll have a ticketing solution that integrates tightly with existing payment and marketing systems. With credit card, BPAY or PayPal or marketing systems like MailChimp, your ticketing system will be designed around the way your box office operates — not the other way around.

Access Control

Utilising our own secured wireless internet infrastructure, Future Ticketing’s scanning systems ensure the authenticity of the ticket (thermal/electronic) regardless of entry point. Even better, if your customer loses their thermal ticket, they can request an e-ticket version to be sent them, saving you and the customer headaches. For further security, you can choose to partner with NightKey, a patent secured ID and fingerprint scanning solution to increase security and collect knowledge of your patrons at the venue.