Our Partners

Fusion IO

Future Ticketing as enjoyed enormous success in choosing flash based storage from Fusion IO. Their drives power our ticketing servers and are at the core of our high speed ticketing services. We are so happy with their products that we released a white paper in 2013 outlining our success with ‘The Big Day Out’.

Motorola Solutions

We initially have used Motorola in our ticket scanning solutions, particularly around the MK500. The MK500 has proved to be a very reliable device and we have deployed these in both indoor and outdoor environments. Our partneship with Motorola now extends to developing for the Smart Badge 1 (SB1) we’re we have deployed these in customer service locations in theme parks and as a backup to access control scanners. We are also developing software and interfaces into the Motorola WING5 and AIR DEFENCE systems to utilise WIFI tracking of customers throughout parks and nightclubs.

Perco Inc

Based in St Petersberg, Russia, Perco is a high quality manufacturer of turnstiles for crowd control and access. Future Ticketing has successfully deployed these turnstiles in Australia and has integrated them into Future Ticketing’s own access control systems.



NightKey® provides venue owners with the tools to operate a safer venue by quickly identifying problem patrons, stamping out antisocial behaviour and keeping underage patrons out. NightKey® was designed to comply with Federal Privacy Laws.

To learn more about NightKey®, visit the NightKey® website at www.nightkey.com.au


Splash City Perth

Splash City Perth is Australia’s first fully popup waterpark. Featuring the Guinness World Record Holding, Tallest inflatable waterslide , The DROP!

To learn more about Splash City Perth, please visit their website at www.splashcityperth.com.au

Big Day Out 2011 – Sale Night

"how good was this compared to previous years" - Pete

"Smoothest one yet." - Toastie

"Wow all tickets gone now....Must say two thumbs up to the BDO website.... Ticketmaster could learn a thing or two!" - kroix007

Sold out in 5 mins

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